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company news about Tips for adjusting the speed of milking equipment

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China Shandong Yuejiang Machinery Co., Ltd certification
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The gasoline engine and vacuum pump type milking machine works really well. My cattle farm’s altitude is 3000 meters, but the milking machines works well, we purchased the milking machine from KLN company since 2015, stable operation and high milk efficiency, good.

—— Balinder Alerbert Romero

KLN's refrigeration tanks are very durable and have not suffered any damage so far; the entire milk cooling tank is made of SS304 very good material to ensure that our milk is cleaner and hygienic. We are now using 2 sets 6000L cooler tanks and the cooling effect is very satisfactory.

—— Ctahnnab Foprjckmn

Our sealed can is mainly used to collect loose milk from different places. The sealing effect is very good and will not leak milk. After filling 50L fresh milk, the handle will not fall. The welding is very good, and the transportation tank is very strong, this milk bucket is suitable for collecting and transporting fresh milk.

—— Daidiso Jose ander

The appearance of the pasteurizer is very beautiful, the heating temperature can be adjusted freely, and the heating time can be adjusted according to different gears, I like this design, it is very reasonable, and the stirring is uniform, the cleaning is convenient and thorough, I am satisfied with the pasteurization machine.

—— Meooh Hindyadi

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Company News
Tips for adjusting the speed of milking equipment
Latest company news about Tips for adjusting the speed of milking equipment


     We want to make the cows healthier, so we need to pay attention to its speed when using the milking equipment. If the speed is stable, it will reduce the pain of the cows and bring greater profits to the users. The following editor will come. Let me share with you the speed regulation skills:

1. The electromagnetic power control of the milking equipment changes the ideal no-load speed of the milking equipment, and the speed regulation is a highly efficient energy-saving speed regulation.

2. Loss power control, increase the speed drop of the milking equipment for sheep milking, and the speed regulation is a low-efficiency and energy-consuming speed regulation.

3. Reduce the speed of the milking equipment. As we all know, the speed is generally expressed as the difference between the ideal no-load speed and the speed drop. All speed adjustment methods are attributed to the power control principle.

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation. This method is the most scientific, and it closely links the speed regulation method and performance of the milking equipment with the speed regulation mechanism, indicating the development direction of the milking equipment speed regulation. If you master the speed adjustment skills of the milking equipment, you will be able to relax the cows better and increase the workload. Are you still worrying about the time-consuming manual milking? Come try the milking equipment.

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