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company news about Pasteurized Fresh Milk

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China Shandong Yuejiang Machinery Co., Ltd certification
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The gasoline engine and vacuum pump type milking machine works really well. My cattle farm’s altitude is 3000 meters, but the milking machines works well, we purchased the milking machine from KLN company since 2015, stable operation and high milk efficiency, good.

—— Balinder Alerbert Romero

KLN's refrigeration tanks are very durable and have not suffered any damage so far; the entire milk cooling tank is made of SS304 very good material to ensure that our milk is cleaner and hygienic. We are now using 2 sets 6000L cooler tanks and the cooling effect is very satisfactory.

—— Ctahnnab Foprjckmn

Our sealed can is mainly used to collect loose milk from different places. The sealing effect is very good and will not leak milk. After filling 50L fresh milk, the handle will not fall. The welding is very good, and the transportation tank is very strong, this milk bucket is suitable for collecting and transporting fresh milk.

—— Daidiso Jose ander

The appearance of the pasteurizer is very beautiful, the heating temperature can be adjusted freely, and the heating time can be adjusted according to different gears, I like this design, it is very reasonable, and the stirring is uniform, the cleaning is convenient and thorough, I am satisfied with the pasteurization machine.

—— Meooh Hindyadi

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Company News
Pasteurized Fresh Milk

     Pasteurized milk is milk made from fresh milk and processed by pasteurization method. It is sterilized at a constant temperature of 72°C-85°C within a specified time to kill harmful bacteria in the milk and preserve nutrients and pure taste.

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The product attribute of milk itself is a kind of fast-moving consumer goods, so it is required to consume as soon as possible within a short period of time. "Fresh" is the premise to ensure fast consumption. Drinking pasteurized fresh milk has become the worldwide consumption trend of people's milk consumption. People choose and consume pasteurized fresh milk mainly for the following reasons:

(1) Fresh: When the milk leaves the cow's udder and enters the consumer's mouth, the longest time required is only within 10 days, and the fastest can be 1-2 days.

(2) Nutrition: Due to the low-temperature sterilization process, the nutrients in milk are basically not affected and lost.

(3) Milk source: Pasteurized milk requires a higher grade of raw milk, which is generally pure natural milk. Because of the low sterilization intensity, the peculiar smell will be obvious, so the taste of raw milk is very high.

(4) Safety: Due to the need to configure low-temperature refrigeration conditions and requirements, and the short shelf life, the milk will not produce some harmful substances due to long-term storage.

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So how is pasteurized milk produced? The main processing equipment for pasteurized milk is the pasteurizer. The pasteurizer uses the heat-resistant characteristics of pathogens to control the temperature of the hot water in the retort at 72-85 degrees Celsius, all the harmful bacteria are killed while the beneficial bacteria are preserved as much as possible!

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The pasteurizer is mainly composed of a sterilizer tank and an electric control part. It is controlled by a fully automatic touch screen to realize automatic continuous production.

Pasteurizers mainly have the following characteristics:

(1) Made of food-grade stainless steel (SUS304), the equipment is safe and hygienic.

(2) The pasteurization method can maintain the original quality and has a long shelf life.

(3) Adopt automatic temperature control, high degree of automation and low labor intensity.

(4) The equipment is easy to use and maintain, also beautiful appearance.

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